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Traits: Approachable, supportive, swoons at any topic about Facebook, a good fixer of problems.

When I first started my own business in graphic design, I was able to get clients through freelance websites... that was all good however I would lose a huge chuck of my earnings through fees. So I wanted to explore the option of going it alone. It couldn't be that difficult right? I quickly found myself frustrated at the pospect of how to go about doing this. I tried all sorts of things.... Google ads, SEO optimisation, blogging, networking.... but I wanted something that I could really run on autopilot that wasn't going to take forever to set up and keep maintained.

I then came across Facebook.....I could literally talk for hours on this subject. It has to be one of the most powerful platforms that any business can use to get in new clients / leads.

From my design days I quickly saw a gap in the market and started to design specifically for social media channels. What transpired is my clients, once they had their pages setup and designed, had no idea where to go from there. So I started to teach them how to use facebook for their business.

I then moved onto becoming the geek of Facebook Ads. The ultimate lead generating machine. I heard the cries of people who'd lost money by using the boost button on posts and researched all the possible strategies I could impliment that would help existing clients.

The results were amazing....... so amazing that I started to teach people the strategies that I had used myself and they too got great results.

So if you too are in a quandary of how to get new clients then why not get in touch so that you too can be on the path to opening up amazing new opportunities.