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An amazing session with Katie. Her knowledge and understanding of the F B advertising platform is truly outstanding. I love that our sessions are recorded so I know that any information that didn't quite sink in, I can go back over whenever I need to. This is such an empowering trainingĀ - I can 100% recommend Katie to anyone wanting to learn about advertising on FacebookĀ and guarantee you will come out of it feeling empowered and confident!

Janelle , flipyourdog.co.nz

Great session. Very informative, went at my pace and left me feeling confident in my ability to set up a Facebook Ad. Would highly recommend Katie.

Natasha, chateez.co.uk

Our company is a not for profit, so we don't have a huge marketing budget. We've found that Facebook has had the lowest cost per conversion for us, as it can target the people we want to find us and has the widest reach.

However, we'd found that we'd become heavily dependant on something we didn't fully understand. We were monitoring it and making changes to ads on a daily basis to try and keep everything running with minimal waste. If an Ad didn't work for even a day our business would suffer, and the whole office felt it.

We'd had digital marketing specialists come in, but all had different kinds of advice. And just when we thought we'd cracked it, the ad results would flop back down again. We'd panic and fall back into old habits that we knew sort-of-worked.

Katie got what we were all about immediately. She knew what we had to do and was clear and thorough and didn't waste any time. Every minute chatting with her was valuable. I applied everything she taught me and we got results after 2 days, just as she'd said. Last month, after just one session with Katie, was the first month we actually reached our target!

I can be a lot more hands off with Facebook Ads now. It isn't stressful anymore to manage - I actively look forward to tweaking and improving our conversion rates on a weekly basis! Thanks Katie : ) you've been brilliant!

Charlotte, fairforyou.co.uk
Crystal S.

So amazing!! I learned so much and Katie helped remove the fear and barriers to the intricate inner workings of Facebook ads. She also helped me link implementation to strategy-- which is huge!! Thank you!! Will def be back for more strategy!!!

Crystal S.

Absolutely excellent! Even though I had some Facebook Ad experience, I learned a whole lot more. Katie took the time to give assistance that was specific to my business.

Jeanette, www.jhvirtualassistant.co.uk

Katie is a great teacher. Would highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning more about Facebook Advertising.

Mark, www.dhi-ni.co.uk
Andrew R.

Within 3 hours of my first contact, Katie had given me actionable feedback on how to improve our profile and a really thorough run through ads. Excellent training and value - will be using again.

Andrew R., Timeoutdoors.com

Katie was excellent, really helpful and clear. She certainly know her stuff. I would recommend her to someone who wants to take their Facebook advertising to the next level.

Iain, 360 Health and Fitness Therapy

Thank you so much Katie. I have learned so much and am really excited to get started, now that I know what I am doing. I highly recommend you.

Kerstin, Kerstin Andlaw - Yoga & Mindfulness

A thoroughly detailed session. Well laid out. Simple to follow. And recorded! Can't wait to get started. Thank you for an amazing session.

Zaheer, Trading Company

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