Facebook Ads Created With You Strategy Session

Want to learn Facebook Ads but haven't got the time to do a self study course.... but also can't afford the price tag that comes with Facebook Ads done for you solutions?

What if I could show you, via skype, the right Facebook Ad Strategy for your business, show you how to target the right audience, whilst creating a Facebook Ad Campaign at the same time for you? I'll be training you how to create the ads, whilst creating a Facebook Ad Campaign for you..... all within a 2 hour skype session that is recorded for you, so you can rewatch it whenever you need to. I'll also show you how to duplicate the work that I did, so that it only takes you 10 minutes to set up the next ad. Wouldn't it give you a sense of relief that you're being shown correctly how to target effectively, how to create ads and have an expert set them up for you at the same time? Sounds like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone right?

Maybe you're asking yourself...... but then what? How on earth will I know what ad is doing well or not once it's set up. Well I've thought of that too for you. As part of this strategy package I'm then going to keep an eye on your ads for that week and any changes that need to be made, I'll adjust for you and tell you exactly what I did so that you can learn from it too.

Not sure if this for you? Then why not book one of my free 30 minute discovery calls whereby I'll help you come up with an amazing offer and brainstorm which audience could be a winner for your service / product. You'll get a feel for whether you want to work with me and more importantly whether Facebook ads could work for your business.

Strategy Session $497

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Free 30 Mins Discovery Session